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Dhaaniyam VARAGU Noodles 200gm

12.00 AED

Dhaaniyam SAMAI Noodles 200gm

12.00 AED

mtr semiya – 900gm

12.50 AED

bee honey – 400ml

9.00 AED

bee honey – 500ml

10.00 AED

deepam oil – 500ml

12.50 AED

deepam oil – 1 liter

22.00 AED

home made ragi sevai – 250gm

10.00 AED

home made red rice sevai -250gm

10.00 AED

Home Made rice sevai – 250gm

10.00 AED

milky mist ghee – 500gm

22.50 AED

Home Made Sambar Masala – 250gm

12.50 AED

About Us

Nilgiris is the result of a need shared by many expats in the middle east. The familiar taste of ingredients fresh from the peninsula, the warmth of home-cooked food, and unbeatable quality and taste... These are precious to us more than any jewels. The purpose of Nilgiris is to bring the taste of south India to your kitchen and truly enrich your home.

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